Your Little Act May Just Be A Domino

maxresdefaultI’m always amazed at those unusual (yes, unusual, but disciplined) people who take the time to set up thousands of dominoes that fall in all sorts of unusual and multi-directional directions once the first domino is tipped over. It’s pretty cool to watch though the show is usually over in mere minutes if even that long.

But their efforts and even our own more paltry ones with far fewer pieces remind us of an important principle. One small action or decision can be the beginning of hundreds that follow with results far bey0nd what could have ever been imagined at the start.

One small investment in the life of a child or teen, one check written to kick off a new ministry, one listening ear for a friend in need, one Christ-like toward a neighbor who doesn’t know Jesus. All have the potential once knocked – over to bear huge results later as other dominoes follow.

I wonder if in Heaven someday part of our joy will be the result of seeing how God used our small action or decision to bear significant fruit later. I wonder how many people who tried to serve God but didn’t see much happening would have stayed with it if they only though about the domino possibilities down the road.

If we would  think more about the God-infused, kinetic possibilities of our smallest actions we would be more likely to overcome much of our discouragement, desire to quit and defeatist attitudes.We would keep climbing when everything within us told us to stop. We would be more thankful for small progress and simple God-moments and less enamored and tempted to think God saves his best for the big stuff.

How many people think they could never make a difference because they only look at the superstars, big churches or ministries or very talented people?

God often does his best with little and not much. Sometimes all he needs is one domino willing to take the fall. How about you?





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